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Why "Nice Guys Finish Last." is a Myth, and Makes You Look Like a Douche:


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This is something I wrote as I was perched atop my feminist soapbox early this morning. Everyone is welcome to read and comment, any and all feedback is appreciated!

“The belief that “nice guys finish last” is detrimental to women because it suggests that not only do women desire to be mistreated in a relationship, but they’re asking for it. It’s a sexist attitude that insults women by implying that we are poor decision-makers when it comes to choosing partners, simply because said partner isn’t the one that Mr. “Nice Guy” would have chosen for us…” (Read more…)


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Young Bleed “Holla At Uh Dog” (2011, Strange Music)

Young Bleed back. Young Bleed back. 

The creator of one of the finest pieces of wax to come out of the No Limit camp is now on Tech N9ne’s Strange Music imprint, and judging by “Holla At Uh Dog”, still knows how spit that precise, but breezy southern flow.

“Holla At Uh Dog” is driven by mellow flutes and hand drums to give it a very Eastern, ancient and watery feel — fitting for the alligator infested swamps which provide the video’s setting. This music is blunted and humid, but the melody keeps things from getting oppressive.

Bleed is gearing up to drop his first full-length record in over a decade, (apparently there were two records in 2005 and 2007, as well as a couple of collaborative project according to sisilafami) the aptly titled Preserved, due October 11th. In the meantime, you should revisit The Martorialist’s Concentration Camp comp.



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Omg the goosebumps I have right now. Wow.

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